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Training & Education


Accelerating growth and access to the market.


The cluster offers educational opportunities to professionals through the provision of specialized knowledge sessions such as seminars, workshops and conferences with the aim of promoting industry’s best practices, disseminating state-of-the art knowledge, both in theoretical and practical level, with real-time demonstrations and applications in specialized facilities. The ultimate goal of IsZEB is the transfer of knowledge, the provision of tailor-made training according to the needs of the audience, and the certification of specialized professionals

People attending an educational event

Available Educational Opportunities

An online education experience with synchronous and asynchronous courses. Learn from the experts and discover the most desirable and state-of-the-art skill sets for your professional field

Interested for future educational events?

In case there is no currently available training and educational program, express your interest and be the first to learn to about the new dates of our programs.  


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