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Το Έκθεμα του IsZEB

Our new video for the IsZEB Smart Container

The first priority, at a global level, is the energy shielding of homes and ensuring their bioclimatic character. These features directly impact the well-being of their occupants and the amount spent on both heating and cooling.

In this context, the IsZEB Cluster has recently undertaken the construction of the IsZEB Smart Container, which serves as a pioneering example of sustainable construction. It combines innovative technologies and approaches to create smart and energy-efficient buildings.

In a world which is facing climate change and the ongoing, relentless exploitation of natural resources, the need for "greener" buildings is urgent. 

The construction sector must play an active role in the effort to conserve energy and optimize resource usage. How can new building infrastructures, as well as existing structures, contribute to preserving the microclimate and protecting the environment, with the ever-increasing energy demands of their occupants?

The IsZEB Cluster recognizes this connection and establishes the IsZEB Smart Container as an example promoting sustainable construction. The building represents not only a physical structure but a comprehensive approach to creating a living space that meets modern lifestyle needs with a reduced environmental footprint.

Learn more about the IsZEB Smart container at our new video!

Το Έκθεμα του IsZEB



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