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Online Seminar on BIM

Online Seminar on BIM by IsZEB on April 25, 2024

The IsZEB Cluster actively follows developments in the Construction Sector and the efforts being made to achieve sustainable development goals.

In this context, and considering the urgent need for digital transition in the construction industry, IsZEB organizes a webinar on the topic:

«Building Information Modelling – BIM»

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is transforming the way we perceive, design, and construct buildings. It represents a modern process for implementing infrastructure projects throughout their entire lifecycle (design, study, construction, operation), contributing to accelerating the pace of digital transformation in the construction sector.

Στόχος & Θεματικές Ενότητες

Το σεμινάριο είναι σχεδιασμένο ώστε να παρέχει στους συμμετέχοντες: μια σφαιρική κατανόηση της τεχνολογίας BIM και των δυνατοτήτων της εφαρμογής της στον κτιριακό τομέα, εξοικείωση με τις βέλτιστες πρακτικές χρήσης της BIM και με τα εργαλεία που απαιτούνται για αποτελεσματική εφαρμογή.

Απευθύνεται σε Μηχανικούς όλων των ειδικοτήτων, Τεχνικές/Κατασκευαστικές εταιρίες, Διαχειριστές Κτιρίων, Φοιτητές.

Η θεματολογία περιλαμβάνει:

  • Introduction to BIM Technology: Understanding the basic principles and possibilities of BIM in the construction industry.
  • BIM in the European Union and Greece: Analysis of the legislative and regulatory aspects concerning the implementation of BIM at the European and national levels.
  • BIM Workflow: Examination of the steps and processes that constitute the correct implementation of BIM technology in a construction project.
  • Benefits and Challenges of BIM: Analysis of the advantages and difficulties arising from the adoption of BIM technology.
  • BIM Implementation Strategy: Development of a systematic approach to integrating BIM technology into everyday work activities.
  • BIM Implementation Strategy: Development of a systematic approach to integrating BIM technology into everyday work activities.
  • BIM Software Tools: Overview of available BIM software and their functions.
  • Application Examples: Practical examples from real construction projects that have benefited from the use of BIM technology.
  • Presentation of Autodesk Revit Software: Interactive presentation of the software with live building resolution. Preparation of a model for ifc export.



Location: online

Date: the seminar will be held online on Thursday 25/04/2024 at 14:00-16:00

Participation fee: 20 euros + VAT

Presenters: Penelope Valiouli (MSc, Mechanical Engineer) - Christina Mykoniou (MSc, Civil Engineer) - Georgia Papadopoulou (MSc, Architectural Engineer)

Participation forms at the following link:

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


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