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SRI Seminar

Online seminar on the "Basics of Smart Readiness Indicator"

The IsZEB Cluster organizes a free online seminar on the "Basic principles of the Smart Readiness Indicator" within the framework of the European project SUSTAIN Eurocluster.

The SRI rates the smart readiness of buildings (or building units) in their capability to perform 3 key functionalities:

  • Optimise energy efficiency and overall in-use performance
  • Adapt their operation to the needs of the occupant
  • Adapt to signals from the grid (for example energy flexibility)


Objectives & Thematic Areas

To support the adoption of the Smart Readiness Indicator, there needs to be an understanding of the benefits that arise. Therefore, the goal of the seminar is to raise awareness and inform building users as well as the providers of smart services

The syllabus include:

  • Smart Readiness & SRI - Definitions
  • Why SRI?
  • The EN 15232 Standard & SRI
  • Existing framework in Greece and the European Union
  • Introduction to the SRI methodology.



To attend the seminar, register at the link below:

The seminar will be held online on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM. The lecture will be done in Greek 


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