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MC Chargers is the newest member of IsZEB

MC Chargers: The New Member Of IsZEB

We proudly announce that MC Chargers is now a member of the ecosystem of IsZEB Cluster. The new collaboration reinforces the dynamics of the ecosystem, with the aim of jointly exploiting the experience and expertise of the two parties. The ultimate goal is to promote and advance both the energy efficiency sector and the wider construction sector, through the creation of new opportunities and partnerships.

The Profile And The Offered Services Of MC Chargers: 

MC CHARGERS is the first Greek company which develops and produces electric vehicle charging stations, offering a complete range of high quality and aesthetic products. The product range of the ORION series covers both residential and commercial needs (from 7kW to 44kW AC and from 60kW to 240kW DC).

It is staffed by young, qualified scientists and excellent technicians in Thessaloniki, with the capability of 24/7 technical support.

More information about MC Chargers available through its IsZEB member page  


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