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The IsZEB SRI Calculator

The IsZEB SRI Calculator featured on EC portal

The SRI Calculator of IsZEB (which is part of the IsZEB Certify tool) is featured on the European Commission's energy related portal.

A detailed analysis of the IsZEB SRI Calculator

The IsZEB SRI Calculator is one part of the 3-part IsZEB Certify software package solution for the calculation of buildings' energy performance & smartness readiness, allowing SRI assessments conduct as well as SRI Certificates issuance according to the official European SRI Methodology and the respective European Commission Delegated and Implementing Regulations that are into force.

The users may conduct SRI assessments and save them on the online platform IsZEB Hub, under a pre-registered user account, taking advantage of a user-friendly interface. The SRI assessment required inputs, in terms of buildings' profile and MEP systems, can either be provided by the user or be autofilled with available data from existing EPC xml files and adequately designed BIM files. Furthermore, the IsZEB SRI Calculator delivers Buildings’ Smartness Readiness proposed upgrading interventions, based on smart and novel technologies (future versions will include a cost-optimal approach).

The SRI Calculator is available online through the IsZEB HUB platform while training on the SRI Methodology and the calculator will be available. The final results consist of an SRI Certificates issuance, accompanied with a complete technical report, including thorough descriptions and chart representations, as well as benchmarking analysis of buildings' smart readiness between the current situation and the proposed improvement scenarios.

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