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IsZEB Sponsor of the Smart Cities Conference

IsZEB sponsors the 11th Smart Cities Conference

The IsZEB Cluster sponsors the 11th Smart Cities conference organized by BOUSSIAS' netweek and Manufacturing publications.

During the conference, the Coordinator of IsZEB Mr. Asterios Tzirgas, will present the topic: "Smart buildings for smart cities: Tools & methodologies for upgrading buildings' intelligence". The presentation will be held in Greek.

It is undeniable that smart buildings are now playing a leading role in the development of smart cities, as an important and integral structural element. The IsZEB Cluster has developed the SRI Calculator tool, which evaluates the intelligence of buildings, based on the European SRI (Smart Readiness Indicator) methodology. The tool offers added value to the engineers, owners and building owners, evaluating both the intelligence of the building constructions and highlighting the scenarios for its improvement.

The 11th Smart Cities Conference

During the conference, the speakers will present best practices & solutions that have changed or are foreseen to drastically change the everyday life of the residents, their accessibility to services and will substantially improve the quality of life both on an individual and a collective level. Greek and international speakers, local government officials, as well as specialized scientists, will discuss the new challenges and technological solutions, aiming at a better and safer life in cities, economic development and sustainability.

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Date: 09 March 2023

Venue: Ionia Hall | Riviera Coast, Athens


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