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Methodology Handbook

IsZEB helps shape the "Methodology for cost-benefit analysis for the use of BIM in public tenders”

IsZEB was among the stakeholders that supported the activities presented in the handbook, by participating in online surveys and phone interviews, in order to finalise the Methodology Handbook entitled "Calculating Costs and Benefits for the use of Building Information Modelling in Public tenders"

The development of a methodology for a cost benefit analysis for the use of BIM in public procurement was one of the first deliverables of the Renovation Wave for the construction ecosystem. It aims to build the case for the introduction of BIM in public procurement for individual public projects, by demonstrating costs and benefits from the perspective of public clients.

The methodology was developed with three main objectives: 

  1. The creation of a model that measures the costs and benefits for using BIM in public construction projects, also taking into account expenditures, revenues and non-monetary benefits 
  2. The validation of this model, demonstrating its relevance and practical applicability through 6 case studies, representative of different types of projects 
  3. The drafting of an informative and easy-to-consult handbook, addressed to public entities in the EU that want to learn more about this model

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