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I4byDesign the newest member of IsZEB

I4byDesign: The newest member of IsZEB

With great excitement, we announce that the I4byDesign Competence Center is the new Member of IsZEB Cluster!

This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between innovation and its practical application in the market. We're fostering opportunities for communication and partnerships between SMEs and established companies and industries in the field.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, Competence Centers serve as pillars of expertise and innovation. They act as beacons for SMEs, guiding the way towards digital transformation and enhancing their maturity level for the transition to Industry 4.0.

I4byDesign Competence Center Profile & Services:

The I4byDesign Competence Center provides innovative, holistic Research and Development solutions, ensuring a smooth transition to smart manufacturing. Its mission extends beyond offering cutting-edge technological solutions to promoting collaboration and development.

For more information about the I4byDesign Competence Center, visit the Member’s profile


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