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EVPOWER: Το Νεότερο Μέλος Του IsZEB

EVPOWER: The New Member Of IsZEB

We proudly announce that the company EVPOWER has become the latest member of the IsZEB Cluster. This strategic partnership opens up new horizons and strengthens the ecosystem's dynamics, aiming, among other things, to jointly leverage the experience and specialization of both parties. The ultimate goal is to promote both the Energy Efficiency sector and the broader construction industry by creating new opportunities and collaborations. Simultaneously, with EVPOWER's participation, the Consortium further expands its available knowledge and expertise in the field of Electromobility.

The Profile And The Offered Services Of EVPOWER: 

EVPOWER is a Greek company with a vision to spread e-mobility in Greece through innovative, reliable, and holistic charging solutions. They offer a full and extensive range of branded chargers and ev cables. They also provide software solutions for managing and billing services.

EVPOWER cooperates with leading manufacturers and they are the first authorized company for the sale and installation of Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3 in Greece. Through the certified and well-trained electricians, they undertake all necessary electrical work to ensure the proper and safe installation and operation of electric chargers. 

EVPOWER company has become synonymous with consistency and reliability in e-mobility. As one of the first companies to engage in electrification in Greece, they have developed high expertise and experience, serving over 300 clients, both individuals and businesses.

More information about EVPOWER are available through its IsZEB member page  


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