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evnow: The new member of IsZEB

Evnow: The new member of the IsZEB Cluster, focused on EMobility

We proudly announce that evnow is now a member of the ecosystem of IsZEB Cluster. The new collaboration reinforces the dynamics of the ecosystem, with the aim of jointly exploiting the experience and expertise of the two parties. The ultimate goal is to promote and advance both the emobility sector and the wider construction sector, through the creation of new opportunities and partnerships.

The profile and the offered services of evnow:

Εvnow is an innovative company leading the way in the EV era, bringing the future of electric mobility, today. Its goal is to spread electric mobility in Greece, leaving a green footprint in all its actions – for a planet without pollutants. Εvnow is the official reseller in Greece of the largest internationally recognized manufacturers of electric car chargers such as Wallbox, Alfen, Ecotap, Alpitronic-Hypercharger & Efacec.

The company provides complete solutions tailored to the needs of every individual and professional for electric car chargers, which include supply, installation-operation of chargers as well as their technical support through specialized partners of evnow all over Greece.

More information about evnow available through its IsZEB member page  


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