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ΕΙΠΑΚ: Το Νεότερο Μέλος Του IsZEB

EIPAK: The newest member of IsZEB

With great pleasure, we welcome the Hellenic Passive House Institute, as a new member of our cluster!

The Passiv Haus standard significantly contributes to energy savings and environmental enhancements in buildings, not only in Greece but beyond.

Mr. Stefanos Pallatzas, Chairman of the Board of H.P.H.I., was a guest speaker at the IsZEB's Conference in July 2023, and his presentation had captured the audience's interest.

The principles of passive design are the pathway to sustainable buildings in the future. The concepts of sustainability, efficiency, and environmental consciousness in the construction sector are values that our companies prioritize. We believe that our collaboration will yield innovative and beneficial results in the field of engineering, as well as for all of us, as our quality of life is directly linked to the buildings in which we live and work.

The Profile And The Offered Services Of H.P.H.I.: 

Founded in early 2012, the Hellenic Passive House Institute serves as the representative of the International Passive House Association in Greece. Over the past decade, it has organized nationwide conferences on passive buildings, conducted over 100 seminars for 1,500 engineers and 500 technicians, and certified 150 engineers as qualified passive building designers.

The H.P.H.I. is authorized by the International Passive House Institute as a passive building certifier and has certified passive buildings in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, and Italy. Furthermore, for the past decade, it has been providing extensive and impartial information to all stakeholders in the construction sector and the general public regarding all aspects of passive building design and implementation.


For more information, you can visit the website:


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