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IsZEB HygroThermal

IsZEB Hygrothermal

Modelling the hygrothermal behavior of structural elements


IsZEB Hygrothermal is an online platform - an interactive intelligent system, designed and developed with the ultimate aim of modeling the thermal behavior of structural elements taking into account the influence of the humidity of individual materials (hygrothermal behavior)Fully analyzing existing tools and methodologies, as well as new specifications, a new platform is designed that fully aligns with current legislation but also introduces new concepts and technologies, offering a more techno-economically holistic approach.

Main Features: The software consists of a numerical engine in the backend and a user online platform, in its frontend.

The software is available to be used by either specialized and experts in the field engineers or non-experts ones, allowing them to select data and properties of construction materials either through an already available "library" of materials or by user-defined ones, of their choice. With the above capability, the end-users can define structural elements composed of different layers of materials. The end-users of the platform can perform parametric studies of their choice, through multiple user customizable parameters (physical and numerical) being available, so that the tool can facilitate their design and dimensioning process allowing them to make the best choice of insulation materials, according to their requirements.

The end-users have the ability to perform three different numerical approaches, according to the objective of their scenarios

1) Steady state solution of the problem

2) Time-transient

3) Periodic conditions problem for the definition of the typical day conditions, representing the time period and ambient conditions, they are interested

Representative results and diagrams are available as a result of the tool, for the range of conditions examined, including the spatiotemporal profiles of temperature and humidity, the heat flow to and from the structural element, key thermal indicators (i.e. thermal transmittance (U-value), thermal lag and temperature damping), as well as the estimation of cost and energy savings.

Finally, the tool offers the ability to connect, in real-time, with either thermal cameras or with humidity meters, allowing it to be fed with more representative of the real conditions data exhibited in insulation elements, rendering it very innovative in this discipline, over competitors. Taking advantage of this ability, the tool is able to offer valuable information to its end-users, for on field measurements and assessments.


The research projects IsZEB Certify, IsZEB Charge and IsZEB Assist AR were created in the framework of the Program "Collaborative Formations for the promotion of innovation in local entrepreneurship" of the OP. Of the Region of Central Macedonia, NSRF 2014-2020 with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.

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