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IsZEB Flexify

IsZEB Flexify

Smart - ready buildings for smart grids


IsZEB Flexify is an intelligent system for building dynamic evaluation, aiming at automatically calculating the building energy flexibility. The overall goal is to upgrade the building into a more proactive user of energy, by being able to participate in Demand Response (DR) programs, activated by either an aggregator, the Distribution System Operator, or any other responsible stakeholder from the Smart Grid ecosystem, such as, utility provider, Balancing Responsible Party, etc. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, based on Machine Learning (ML) techniques are to be utilized to calculated the flexibility of the building, taking into account various assets that are available on site, i.e. Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as flexible and controllable loads, e.g. HVAC systems, Renewable Energy Sources (RES), e.g. PVs Wind Turbines, Storage units, e.g. Batteries, Electric Vehicles. This information is to be displayed to the end-user, i.e. the building manager, through the aid of diagrams, and other useful visualization techniques.

Moreover, optimized solution will be presented, in terms of energy saving or occupant comfort, aiding the building manager insightfully in his/her decision making. Taking into account a human-centric approach, the occupant comfort, thermal, or/and otherwise, is considered very important.

Additionally, the Dynamic value of the building Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI), is calculated and displayed to the end user, further informing him/her on the Smartness of the building.The aforementioned services can be extended, if necessary, in case of managing more buildings, and thus also demonstrating the aggregated results of all the building portfolio.

Main features:

1) Smart Building energy flexibility calculation

  • Utilizing advanced AI techniques the available energy building assets are exploited, in order to extract the building energy flexibility

2) Occupant comfort, especially thermal comfort

  • Utilizing the aforementioned AI techniques the comfort, especially the comfort of the occupants is calculated, in order to not be violated under any circumstance, during the operation and energy usage of the building.

3) Dynamic SRI calculation

  • Contribution on the dynamic calculation of the SRI

The research projects IsZEB Certify, IsZEB Charge and IsZEB Assist AR were created in the framework of the Program "Collaborative Formations for the promotion of innovation in local entrepreneurship" of the OP. Of the Region of Central Macedonia, NSRF 2014-2020 with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.

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