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The IsZEB container

The IsZEB Container

The quality of our lives is directly linked to the buildings that we live in or work. IsZEB presents the Smart Container as an example of sustainable construction, incorporating a lucrative set of technologies for smart and energy-efficient buildings. In a world facing climate change, the need for "green" buildings is urgent, and the construction industry must contribute to energy conservation and optimal resource use.

IsZEB focuses on researching and developing innovative solutions and digital applications for building infrastructure. In terms of digitalization, globally, construction bears the negative reputation of a slow adopter of technology and innovation. This can be traced to the traditional nature of construction activities and the industrial ecosystem’s fragmentation. There is a visible gap between research and its respective market application. Therefore, IsZEB Container aims to:

• Inform the public about innovative applications and technologies related to smart and energy-efficient buildings.

• Demonstrate the potential for reducing the energy costs of building installations, such as minimizing unnecessary use of lighting, heating, cooling, etc.

• Optimize the performance of building installations and operational maintenance.

• Promote the application of modern standards for total energy management and electronic equipment systems.

• Provide a comprehensive understanding of how buildings operate for users and the benefits of smart technologies.

• Encourage consumers to invest in smart technologies and RES.

Learn more about the IsZEB Smart container at our new video!

Το Έκθεμα του IsZEB

Architectural Photographer: Karen Gkiounasian

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