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IsZEB Assist AR

IsZEB Assist AR

Integrated support system for technicians with Augmented Reality technologies, for more efficient work execution


IsZEB Assist AR is an integrated support system for work crews with Augmented Reality (AR) technologies for the purpose of on-site assistance when performing tasks with animated visual instructions directly on the physical object of the tasks. The tool can be utilized in the wider construction industry, in order to guide the installation, assembly, deployment of a new structure or equipment, as well as maintain an existing one. The instructions are given through a smart mobile device or special glasses using AR technology.


Main Features

The system consists of 3 individual elements:

1) The online platform for user access and management,

2) The software for creating digital manuals and organizing multimedia material,

3) Software for mobile devices and augmented reality glasses.


Among other things, the platform supports a registry of 3D models and related digital manuals and training scenarios. Access to the models and digital manuals is granted only to their creators, as well as users who have purchased them.

The Manual design software includes the management of training scenarios and content (images, videos, texts, 3D animations, PDFs, IoT data sources), their storage & retrieval, the design of scenarios with a visual interface of interconnected graphs, and the export of training scenarios through the platform by sharing them on mobile devices.

Finally, the AR mobile app/software supports Android and Hololens platforms. Through the application, the instructions can be viewed in multiple ways based on the capabilities of the mobile device (AR, VR, Multimedia only, etc.), while the export of training scenario log files is also supported, which are sent to the online platform (e.g. basic information such as time, type of equipment, date, etc.). Additionally, QR code scanning/recognition is supported.

Indicative screenshots from the software:

The research projects IsZEB Certify, IsZEB Charge and IsZEB Assist AR were created in the framework of the Program "Collaborative Formations for the promotion of innovation in local entrepreneurship" of the OP. Of the Region of Central Macedonia, NSRF 2014-2020 with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.

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