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Address : 1, MORIHOVOU SQ, 54625, Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone : +30 2310 535333

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Partner Description

Greek Exporters Association - SEVE was established in 1975 as a non-profit organization and is currently the largest association of exporting companies in Greece. The membership base of SEVE includes more than 750 active and dynamic exporting companies with 55,000 employees and 15 billion euro export turnover, corresponding to 45% of the Greek exports. The membership base is also enlarged with indirect members of various local and sectoral enterprise organizations.

In 1989, SEVE established the Institute of Export Research and Studies (ΙΕRS), in order to perform the following functions:

  • monitor and analyse short-term international trade trends, especially  focused on Greece and the EU-27
  • provide reliable and continuously updated information about particular sectors and markets
  • undertake sponsored and commissioned research projects on  international trade issues
  • cooperate with research institutions within Greece and abroad
  • organize International Trade Conferences


SEVE’s prevailing philosophy is to provide consistent quality services and creative solutions regarding export issues to Greek extrovert companies. Also, SEVE plays a crucial role as State Counselor on issues of extroversion and competitiveness.


Offered Products/Services:

  • Consolidate, protect and promote the professional, economic, social and ethical interests of its members
  • Promote and support Greek products and services in foreign markets
  • Promote and support the development of international co-operation between Greek enterprises and those of other countries
  • Conduct market research in foreign countries
  • Collect and disseminate information and statistical data in order to inform its members
  • Cooperate with organisations worldwide
  • Implement European programmes that sustain the economic interests of its members


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