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Contact Info

Address : Ganas & Ganas, B14, Drosia Thermis, TK 57001

Phone : +30 6944 568522


Partner Description

PRAGMA is a spin-off company of CERTH/ITI (Centre for Research and technology Hellas/ Information Technologies Institute) involved in the Low Power Computing and Internet of Things domain. In particular, PRAGMA is specialized in providing end-to-end software solutions, as well as consulting services in the domain of IoT, including but not limited to services related to low-power computing, fog networking and computing using embedded intelligence, OEM platform development and design of next generation gateways for IoT ecosystems.

Having as target group organizations (from SMEs to large industrial partners) that need to acquire deeper insight in their operational processes as well as to effectively monitor their assets on the move, PRAGMA delivers an OEM platform that is adaptable to organizational needs. Its added-value services are further enhanced through the underlying IoT platform, transforming the multi-factorial information collected to actionable knowledge.

Offered Products/Services:

  • IoT OEM platform
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms:
    • Trend analysis
    • forecasting
    • Anomalies detection
    • Abnormal behavior detection
    • Energy disaggregation
    • Energy savings recommendations
  • People counting & human behavior analysis


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