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General Description

The IsZEB Standard

A holistic evaluation for Smart and Energy Efficient Buildings

The IsZEB Standard is a dynamic framework for Smart and Energy Efficient buildings. It takes into account both existing and emerging technologies and aims to evaluate, provide guidelines and highlight solutions for the upgrade of buildings’ intelligence, energy efficiency, and sustainability for the complete building lifecycle. Besides the undeniable importance of energy efficiency in the modern construction sector, there is the need to create buildings that offer the necessary conditions for thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort, hygiene, safety, and usability.

In addition, the importance of the simultaneous examination of the environmental footprint of the building increases. Therefore, the construction and operation of a building require a multifaceted analysis of its elements and specifications. In the above context, the IsZEB Standard aims to establish a comprehensive evaluation of Smart and Energy Efficient buildings. It deploys National and European standards of both energy efficiency (KENAK, European Directives, etc.) and smartness of a building (The European Methodology SRI). In the meanwhile, the IsZEB Standard incorporates in its methodology additional levels of control, which aim at the comprehensive evaluation of a building in terms of achieving modern conditions of operation, accommodation, and use by its occupants.

Based on its thorough and human-centered approach towards the holistic evaluation of buildings, it continuous evolves, setting up a dynamic Standard which is formed based on the developments of the construction sector and the market needs.

Evaluation for every type of building

The Methodology of the IsZEB Standard can be applied to all building categories, which are included in the national and European energy efficiency methodology. More specifically:

The IsZEB Standard

For every construction phase

The buildings under evaluation can be in the phase of:


Α. Construction and radical/deep renovation, in order to select the right parameters that will lead to the construction of a high standards building


Β. Operation, in order to select the corresponding optimization scenarios of the various parameters, in case of upgrading the building's elements and systems.

The objectives of the IsZEB Standard

The IsZEB Standard aims to create a reference framework for both the construction and reconstruction of buildings with the following main characteristics:

Establishment of Reference Framework

Provision of guidelines, specifications & best practices around the creation, operation and maintenance of Smart and Energy Efficient Buildings

Creation of Methodology

Creation/Development of the IsZEB Evaluation Methodology for all building types

Integration of R&D results

Implementation and integration of research results on every aspect of the IsZEB Standard


Creation/Development of a Building Certification process based on the IsZEB methodology, alongside with the IsZEB Building Register.

Holistic Evaluation

Thorough assessment of all building’s aspects beyond its energy efficiency & intelligence

Digital Maturity

Upgrading the digital maturity of businesses by providing innovative computational tools & software

Life cycle evaluation

A complete evaluation of a building across its lifecycle, starting from its construction up until the exploitation of its demolished materials

Continuous Development

Continuous update of the IsZEB Standard with new technologies and services that intend to evolve the construction industry

Training & Education

Organization of training sessions, educational events and seminars


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