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Educational Event - Workshop

SRI - The Smartness Readiness Indicator

Starting Date:         Announced soon
Duration:                            Announced soon
Fees:                             Announced soon
Level:                           Basic
Type:                             E-learning
Language:                             Greek
 The course schedule will be announced soon 

A fully online program

The educational event - workshop entitled "SRI - The Smartness Readiness Indicator" is based on the principles of modern e-learning education. The lectures are done in real time through a live streaming platform, at predetermined days and hours of the week.


At the end of the educational event, if participants have attended at least 75% of the total program, will be given a certificate of attendance.


More information about the event will be announced soon (participation fees, start dates & weekly program) 

Information about this event

The educational event is designed to offer both basic and specialized knowledge in buildings smartness and Smartness Readiness Indicator - SRI. Initially, the integration of smartness into the existing European Union regulatory framework for energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings will be analysed, and participants will be introduced to the SRI concept. Afterwards, the event will present the SRI methodology, the smart - ready services catalogue and their functionality levels , as well as the SRI calculation steps. Finally, the IsZEB’s innovative SRI digital calculation tool will be presented and the demonstration of existing buildings and novel Building Energy Management Systems – BEMS SRI assessments will take place as case studies. The educational event will end with an evaluation and participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Syllabus - What you will learn

The first chapter introduces the attendees to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and highlights the buildings smartness contribution to attain its objectives towards energy efficient and sustainable buildings.  The requirements lead to the development of a voluntary European scheme for rating the smart readiness of buildings, i.e., the “Smart Readiness Indicator” (SRI) are also presented.

Extensive reference will be made regarding the European Standard EN 15232: "Energy performance of buildings – Impact of Building Automation, Control and Building Management".A further analysis will be done concerning its connection with the European Performance of Buildings Directive and the SRI rating scheme.

This chapter is devoted to the  SRI methodology analysis.  The Technical domains structuring the SRI smart – ready services catalogue as well as the smart services impact criteria are examined, and the SRI calculation steps  are defined.

An in-depth reference will be made about the inventory of the smart ready services that can be available in a building, i.e., the SRI Methodology smart – ready services catalogue and the process of evaluating the smartness level with which each service is implemented in a building referred to as ‘functionality level’.

A detailed description of the individual technical domains and impact criteria scores as well as the aggregated overall Smartness Readiness Indicator score calculation process. A reference will be done with regard to the SRI certificate and the accompanied buildings smartness technical report.

  • IsZEB's innovative SRI digital calculation tool demonstration
  • SRI assessments of existing buildings. Case study presentation: The nZEB Smart Home of CERTH/ITI
  • SRI assessments of novel smart technologies that enhance the buildings smartness readiness

Target Audience:

The educational event is addressed to:

  • Specialized engineers
  • Facility managers
  • Smart services & products providers and manufacturers
  • Real estate managers & investors


 Terms of participation:

The educational event is provided to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs), Freelancers & Self-employed. Attendees are not obliged to have a technical background.


Only invoices are issued to the company details of the attendee.  

The educational event is organized in the framework of the Program "Cooperative formations for the promotion of innovation in local entrepreneurship" of the OP. Of the Region of Central Macedonia, NSRF 2014-2020 with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.


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