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6-day Educational Event - Workshop

E mobility

The educational event is organized in collaboration with the company MC CHARGERS.

Under the auspices of the Hellenic Institute of Electric Vehicles.


The training event is organized by IsZEB in collaboration with MC Chargers, the Greek pioneer company focusing on Electric Vehicle Chargers. MC CHARGERS, through its many years of experience in the development and production of electronic circuits, has successfully created a series of courses focused on electromobility..

The curriculum is designed to provide both basic and more specialized knowledge on electromobility and electric vehicle chargers. Participants will first be introduced to the concept of electromobility, so that they will then be able to delve into more technical features regarding the installation, management, control and protection process. Upon completion of the technical modules, the legislative framework and requirements for the installation of charging stations will be described and real examples of installations will be presented as use cases. In the last module, electromobility and its characteristics will be placed in the broader context of smart grids. The training event will end with an evaluation and participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


The needs that led to e-mobility, the differences between electric vehicles and internal combustion vehicles as well as the benefits of electric and hybrid vehicles will be analysed. There will be an extensive report on the forecasts for the e-mobility market.

There will be an in-depth review of the legislation that has emerged for e-mobility, the incentives given to individuals and businesses, as well as the programmes that have emerged for financial support. There will be an extensive analysis of the legislative framework relating to the installation of home and publicly accessible charging stations.

The available ways of charging electric vehicles are described as well as the types of charging stations available on the market. Charging outlets, the differences between home, private and public charging stations are analysed. The user management capabilities as well as the connectivity features are described.

The steps required to install an electric vehicle charging station are analysed. Analysis of supplies, routing, protection devices, grounding, wall or floor mounting of the charging station.

Demonstration of the MC CHARGERS platform & IsZEB Charge - for the management of chargers:

  • Equipment & capabilities
  • Applications - Mobile Apps
  • Quick overview of charging & charger connection to the cloud

List of available platforms with debit payment systems.

Several installations are mentioned as use cases to understand in depth the necessary actions to successfully install a charging station.

Introduction of e-mobility in the SRI - Smartness Readiness Indicator - methodology for assessing the smart readiness of buildings. Analysis of smart buildings and introduction of charging station in power management. Examples of energy and money savings from the use of E/V.

The module is video recorded.

The workshop will take place at MC-CHARGERS, in groups of participants with a maximum of 7 participants. There will also be the possibility for remote monitoring via live streaming.

The workshop is optional. It will take place at IsZEB's premises and specifically at the Digital Innovation Hub "nZEB Smart Home" of EKETA/IPTIL.

Target Audience:

The training event is addressed to:

  • Parking owners.
  • Owners of parking lot owners
  • Parking lot owners and garage owners.

The training event is provided to SMEs, Freelancers & Self Employed. Upon completion of payment, an invoice is issued exclusively to the company details to be declared.

The educational event is organized within the framework of the Program "Collaborative Formations for the promotion of innovation in local entrepreneurship" of the E.P. Region of Central Macedonia, NSRF 2014-2020 with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.


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